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About Skygood

Skygood Ecotech Co., Ltd. operates as project developer and system integrator on Renewable energy systems recycling which has been in the recycling  business for more than 20 years.  Our highly qualified R&D team consisting of senior experts have produced a highly efficient pyrolysis system solution featuring zero pollution and zero emission.
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Skygood's environmental-friendly equipment with state-of-the-art technologies is capable of converting plastic wastes, used engine oil/car/motor oil and waste tires into renewable fuels by catalytic cracking and pyrolysis that provides gas, unleaded gasoline and premium diesel as the end products.
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Renewable Energy Development - Why are we doing this

* Waste reduction: In the 21st century the total population of developing countries will continue to increase, this rapid economic development will lead to rising levels of wastes products.  It is becoming a very serious issue.  Skygood has a solution.

* Environmental Protection:  Prevent soil degradation and water pollution by suppressing the formation of sulfides, nitrides and oxidants. To prevent global warming by reducing CO2 emission. To protect our declining petroleum resource.  To create new business opportunities.  To contribute to the eco-environment.

We offer a complete solution to convert waste into a usable commodity. With an R&D team consisting of senior experts, many man years of research has produced a highly efficient process that will automatically sort and mass produce energy on an industrial scale from these: waste sorting treatment, pyrolysis system, gasification, mechanics, microbiology and organic agriculture.

Skygood is also actively involved in technological cooperation with partners around the world in order to maintain its leadership.

We maintain these long-term strategic partnerships with many world leaders in the environment sector to enable mutual support.

Your first choice of waste recycle turn key solution partner


We have many years of experience in the pyrolysis industry
A complete solution to convert waste into a usable commodity


Catalytic pyrolysis occurs at low temperature ( < 280 degree C )
No cleaning or sorting of raw material


Average conversion rate >70%, Diesel up to 90%
High efficiency and 24 hours continuously operation capability


Waste Plastic, waste oil, waste tire, biomass, lignite...... 
Capacity 2TPD, 5TPD, 10TPD, 20TPD, 30TPD, 50TPD continuously


Conversion with fuel content greater than 80% and gas less than 5%
It's our innovation with nano-cracking technology


Turn key: sorting, pyrolysis, gasfication, organic fermentation, biogas......
MSW recycle more than 90%

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